Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 1- 30, 2015

June 1, 2015
Time to play at a park we don't usually go to. 

June 2, 2015
Learning how to strip a pine pole for using in a teepee on a field trip to Cypress Hills with her class.

June 3, 2015
I spy a JJ learning about the archives in the Esplanade Art center - and learning how to safely handle old documents.

June 4, 2015
Moments like these make my heart happy. Sisters are friends for life. I love how they love each other.

June 5, 2015
Cuddle time with my little guy. He definitely is a lap dog.

June 6, 2015
Time to test out our new (to us) fire pit with a "bonfire" as our kids call it.

June 7, 2015
Celebrating the seminary students at a fireside. She loved her first year with her awesome teacher, Bro. Hyde. One year down, TJ - three more to go! 

June 8, 2015
 I hate photos of myself, but I'm glad Lyndon captured this VERY TYPICAL morning hair routine. It's lots of fun being a mother to daughters :)

June 9, 2015
Hooray for hot summer weather already! Bring it!

June 10, 2015
The first annual Drive The Wagon charity golf tournament was a big success and a lot of fun to photograph. 

June 11, 2015
It's hard to believe that this beauty is graduating from junior high already. She was chosen to MC the grad ceremony, and was voted most likely to cure cancer. She did a wonderful job and should be so proud of herself. You are simply amazing, B!

June 12, 2015
When the youth dance theme is the 50's, do you don a poodle skirt and cardigan? Or do you rock the tough greaser look? Clearly, TJ was born to be a tough girl ;)

June 13, 2015
After a lot of work, planning, and preparation - and after having suffered a HUGE wind storm that uprooted full sized trees in the park - the first ever Hues For Humanity color run was a huge success!! We had so much fun - lots of laughs, and all in support of Canadian Humanitarian. Couldn't ask for a more exciting way to give to a great cause.

June 14, 2015
Dinner with the Gehmlichs. It was wonderful catching up. Strange that we see less of each other now that we live in the same city, but we love any chance to visit.

June 15, 2015
We drove around the view some of the damage from the wind storm on the 12th - enormous pine trees at the Junior High school were completely uprooted. Scenes like this were all over the city - absolutely nuts.

June 16, 2015
Do we have an engineer in the making? JJ designed this bridge using toilet paper rolls and a few other simple supplies - and it had to be strong enough to hold her weight. Success!!!

 June 17, 2015
 This might be the happiest set of photos I've printed - just look at all of that glorious color!

June 18, 2015
I might have the best visiting teaching companion ever. Suzanne is right on the ball and makes setting up our appointments each month really easy. I always look forward to seeing her AND the sisters we visit. We've got a great thing going on.

June 19, 2015
TJ is really loving her first "Real" job - working for The Park After Dark Cinemas. She loves the people she works for and with - lots a good times ahead for this summer!

June 20, 2015
It's always a good time for some white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. Am I right?

June 21, 2015
A very happy father's day for this amazing man. These girls have it SO GOOD having a man like him as their father. He presides over our home in love and righteousness (and a whole lot of humor - thank goodness for that!) He always goes above and beyond for us, and leaves no question in our minds that we are his #1 priority. He is patient, kind, diligent, honest, hard working, and always ALWAYS there for us. He sets a wonderful example for our daughters of how a man should treat his wife and family, and I'm grateful (beyond words) for that. I hope he becomes the standard which they hold all men up to in their lives - they couldn't ask for a better one, and neither could I! And neither could I

June 22, 2015
Celebrating this boy's first birthday! He as brought so much joy and laughter into our home - we can't imagine life without him.

June 23, 2015
Oh, these guys. We are saying a fond farewell to Elder Bluth who is headed home from an honorable 2 year mission. He and Elder Malais were a fun companionship. Lots of laughs with these two. Best of luck, Elder Bluth!

June 24, 2015
Another excuse to put my "proud mommy" goggles on - JJ was awarded a very special award, the Dalton Jesse award, which also came with a $50 award. She was chosen for her enthusiasm for learning, being a good classroom and community citizen and friend, being a good example, and exhibiting everything that Dalton Jesse was. Her teacher told me, "It had to be Jayda - it couldn't be anyone else!". I couldn't agree more.

June 25, 2015
Sports day was a wet success, which was great because the temperature was in the high 30s! What made it more special was when BB was named as a house leader for next year - way to go, Baylie!

June 26, 2015
School is out and we were off to Park Lake campground for a Schmidt family reunion. Watching my brother's dog, Archer, race around, jumping in the water and having fun was so cool. What a great dog!

June 27, 2015
Here is the crew - we were missing a few who couldn't make it but it is amazing how big our group is getting. This is my parent's great legacy - their posterity. We love each other and are there for each other. I love my family!

June 28, 2015
Too soon, the weekend came to a close and people started off. It was great visiting with everyone and renewing relationships. The weather was CRAZY HOT, and it drained our energy, especially when it was time to pack up. I can't wait for our next reunion - to see how everyone has grown since then.

June 29, 2015
This is the lucky winner of the Global Youth Citizen Award for 2015. I was happy to photograph her for the announcement. She is going to LOVE her trip to Ethiopia with the youth expedition.

June 30, 2015
Time for an employee retreat to Echo Lake in Montana. 

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