Friday, July 31, 2015

July 1 - 31, 2015

July 1, 2015
Is there a better way to celebrate Canada Day than in the USA? Ha ha. These two enjoyed some time in these little kayaks, booting around Echo Lake.

July 2, 2015
Bonding time on the tube at Echo Lake!

July 3, 2015
Dr. Northcott captaining his little "ship" as he toured everyone around the lake.

July 4, 2015
Using up some of the last color packets from Hues For Humanity with a color fight at the cabin.

July 5, 2015
I guess it will be a bit of a wait to get back into Canada. 

July 6, 2015
This girl is ready for an epic girl's camp!

July 7, 2015
This ward YW camp is going to be one for the record books - this group is great.

July 8, 2015
The girls have been growing spiritually at this camp - they are girls on fire!

July 9, 2015
While the older girls are away at girl's camp, these two got creative with some wood projects that they picked out and painted. 

July 10, 2015
A last minute trip out to Brooks to go boating with friends turned into a beautiful sunset and a girl knee boarding for the first time. Bliss!

July 11, 2015
You know it was a great girl's camp when the girls come home thoroughly worn out. 

July 12, 2015
Finding unique plants around our city always makes me smile. I love living in a place where we get such a wide range of climates and enjoy all kinds of floral and fauna.

July 13, 2015
Can you get any more fangirly than wanting to pose for selfies with one of your favorite singers? We were all excited to meet Andrew Allen and Cole, his partner in Hudson Station, their new band. They were so kind and accommodating. They even serenaded us. What a great day!

July 14, 2015
Our tire swan that my mother made for us finally got some of her own flowers. We love her!

 July 15, 2015
I am so proud to be a part of this amazing team - these three are the best  bosses anyone could ask for, and I was thrilled that they were featured on the cover of the Costco magazine for July/August. They deserve it!
 July 16, 2015
Somehow he thinks he's helping me work.

July 17, 2015
Welcoming in Stampede season with a pancake breakfast!

July 18, 2015
Impromptu family day trips often end up being magical. This was just such an occasion. We headed out to Writing On Stone provincial park and spent hours exploring the HooDoos and hiking along the HooDoo trail. We can't wait to go back.

July 19, 2015
No words.

July 20, 2015
It was time to stop fighting a losing battle against my dirty blonde/grey roots and go light again. It might have taken hours, but it was very worth it!

July 21, 2015
Time for some much-needed girl time! I just love the gals in our ward - we all get along and gain so much from each other. It's a blessing.

July 22, 2015
I made this twist on traditional Pico De Gallo by making the base out of cucumber and grilled corn, then adding some greek yogurt to the dressing. SUPER YUMMY!

July 23, 2015
Few things give me as much satisfaction as a completed crossword puzzle - especially if I was the one to complete it!
 July 24, 2015
Hanging out at Park After Dark Cinemas!

July 25, 2015
 Talk about surprised when my husband casually mentions wanting to go check out the stampede, then getting there and realizing that he actually got us tickets to the Martina McBride concert! Amazing!!

July 26, 2015
Childhood captured.

July 27, 2015
TJ and B headed, with Lyndon, to Leduc to help their uncle move his family in. It was a lot of work and lot of bonding time. Well done!

July 28, 2015
A new favorite - chocolate chip banana oatmeal muffins. Delish!

July 29, 2015
Handsome boy.

July 30, 2015
We spent the morning packing up school supplies to send with the next expedition to Ethiopia.

July 31, 2015
Off to Calgary, then on to BC for some summer vacationing with my parents!

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